Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Commissioners must be producers who are citizens and residents of Washington, actively engaged, and derive a substantial portion of their income from growing trees, or be an employee or officer of a firm engaged in production of tree fruit for at least five years. Board member terms are three years in duration. For more information on individual Commissioners, click on the name below.

Name Position Term Expires Appointing Body
Jim Doornink Position 1 7/31/15 Washington Apple Commission
Tom Butler Position 2 7/31/16 Washington Apple Commission
Dan Flick Position 3 7/31/14 Washington Apple Commission
Harold Schell Position 4 7/31/15 Washington Apple Commission
Brent Milne Position 5 7/31/16 Washington Apple Commission
Dena Perleberg Ybarra Position 6 7/31/14 Washington Fruit Commission
Rob Lynch Position 7 7/31/15 Washington Fruit Commission
Jake Gutzwiler Position 8 7/31/16 Washington Fruit Commission
Jim Koempel Position 9 7/31/14 Washington Department of Agriculture