Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Proposals & Reports

The Washington Tree Fruit Commission supports research on all tree fruit commodities. Research is funded based on per-ton assessments collected on tree fruit produced in the state.

Annual Research Reviews are held to review progress from the prior year and to present proposed projects for the coming year. Over 100 industry representatives serve on committees to help ensure the Commission identifies issues of importance to the industry and to evaluate the need and merit of proposed research and progress on funded projects.

Project awards are granted to researchers at Washington State University, Oregon State University, Cornell, Michigan State University, Pacific Agri-Food Center of Canada, USDA-ARS personnel at Wapato, Wenatchee, and across the nation, plus to other universities and organizations.

To upload proposals, reports and ppt shows, click here.


1 The Poster Session - Continuing Reports
2 PowerPoint Show instructions
3 Requests for Pre-Proposals
4 Pre-Proposal Instructions
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