Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

Wenatchee, Washington

The Poster Session 

All researchers who present a continuing report will also be required to participate in the poster session.  During the continuing report session presenters have only a short period of time (5-7 minutes) in which to present key research results. The poster session was created as a way for the audience to engage the researchers in one-on-one discussion following the continuing project reports.  The poster session is a relaxed atmosphere where researchers are stationed by their posters as industry people walk around and engage researchers at their leisure. 

Your Audience

The audience for the session is interested, active tree fruit industry folks who have little time to read project reports, are donating their time at a meeting, and appreciate a focus on conclusions that have an impact on their practices or advance their useful knowledge.

Helpful Poster Tips

Avoid justifications and too much background--assume the problem you were funded to work on is important and let your audience know what you accomplished, rather than how you accomplished it. 

Use graphics, minimize text, and highlight your most meaningful results. Since your data is in the written report, it is not necessary to include all data.

The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission will provide the poster boards.  Maximum poster size should not exceed 44”W x 40”H in order to fit comfortably on the boards.  Please bring your own Velcro to attach your poster; scissors are handy too!