Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

Wenatchee, Washington


The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission was established by the Washington legislature in 1969 to "promote and carry on research and administer specific industry service programs, . . . which will or may benefit the planting, production, harvesting, handling, processing or shipment of tree fruit of this state . . . " The act further provides for coordination with other state, federal, and private agencies conducting similar research. To read the complete act, Chapter 15.26 RCW, link to the Washington State web page at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=15.26


The Commission has nine members: three are appointed by the Washington State Fruit Commission; five are appointed by the Washington Apple Commission; and one is appointed by the Washington Director of Agriculture and represents the pear industry. Commissioners are active fruit growers or have a substantial interest in the production of tree fruit. For more information on current board members, click here.ResearchGrower assessments on fruit produced provide the funds to conduct a myriad of research on every aspect of tree fruit production, from rootstock development to improved post-harvest practices. Research is funded based on the proportion of dollars collected for each commodity. In fiscal year 2017-2018, over $4,000,000 in research funding has been devoted to advancing knowledge, improving practices, and addressing the problems facing the industry.


As state commodity commission, the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commison must undergo State of Washington financial and accountability audits every three years.  To view the most recent audit reports, click on the links below.