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Johannes Goetz


Johannes was born in Regensburg, in Bavaria/Germany.

Between 2012 and 2014, Johannes studied law at the University of Regensburg, which was one of his major interests back then. Though, after 3 semesters mainly spent in libraries and offices, he decided to focus on his other passion: nature.

A journey across Australia and getting in touch with farming, gardening and natural science research, led him to studying Horticulture. In 2014 he enrolled as a student in a B.Sc. program at Weihenstephan-University of Applied Sciences. His graduation is scheduled for 2018.

Besides his studies, Johannes experiencee a lot of different branches of the horticultural industry. During the last few years, he accomplished internships e.g. in the Norfolk Island National Park and in a nursery for vegetable plants. He worked as a seasonal worker at the Weihenstephan Gardens, as well as a student research assistant in the Laboratory for Plant Nutrition of the Institute of Horticulture at Weihenstephan University.

In his spare time, Johannes enjoys all sorts of literature, and he likes to attend lectures and talks about several topics. But his most favorite activities are meeting his friends and going for long hikes. 

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