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Wenatchee, Washington

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Victor Villegas


Victor Villegas is an international intern  at the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission. He received a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy in 2017, from La Molina National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru.

Victor grew up has grown up during his school student period in Cusco, Peru. Lived in Arequipa and Lima, Peru during his studies as university student; in this last period, he worked with the NGO “Pachamama Raymi” as part of their student program. After finishing his studies and trainee, he was hired by Amazon Conservation Association to be in charge of the Sustainable Agriculture Program as coordinator in 2017.

He hopes to use the acquired experience during his employment at the WTFRC to improve his professional profile and to enrich his knowledge and ideas, thus being able to postulate a possible thesis topic for his engineering degree.

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