Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

Wenatchee, Washington

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Mackenzie Perrault

  • Research Assistant

Mackenzie grew up in Zillah, Washington. She graduated from Zillah High School in 2011 and has been attending Heritage University fulltime in Toppenish Washington since January of 2012. She has completed courses for an AA and is working on her Bachelors Degree in Education.

Mackenzie has worked for WTFRC since May, 2012.  While she grew up in an agriculture town, she didn’t know as much about the indusrty as she thought.  Mackenzie says that she has gained more knowledge regarding how farming functions, along with numberous small details that the aveage person wouldn't be aware of.  Working in this job has opened her eyes to a whole different world of farming and produce. One her favorite aspects about working at the Commission is the ability to meet a variety of people; learning to work and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.  It definitely helps broaden the perspective on how other people communicate and understand things.  

Mackenzie doesn't have a lot of spare time outside of working and going to school full time, but when she does, she loves to spend that time with friends and family, especially her little nephews.  She also enjoys traveling, fishing and the outdoors.